Sunday, October 26, 2008


Dean, with Evan...looking guilty, it does look like he stole Evan's binky? that Ruby gal, such a dolly she is...

And my oldest grandson,Clayton,dancing with his Grandma Susan(which ya cain't see, at his Aunt Kelly's

Sunday Afternoon, 10/26/08

Well, thought I would check on this blog and try to get something on here....I started this cause Kelly, invited me to view hers. Yuck, tomorrow I get to go to work...yippee! (at least I am thankful, I have a job) Been working on cleaning up my room. Did a Purification Lodge yesterday, was great! I sat in the sacred spot this time. I will try and add some pictures to this blog when I learn how to do everything. Susan

Friday, October 24, 2008

My grandson, Dean....he is such a joy to his grandmother...looks just like his dad. I went out to Utah, for my daughter's wedding, so was able to visit with my grandchildren as well.