Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Time

Well, here is our Halloween fun at work. Enjoy!



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Va-Va Voom!

Well, here it is Granny Hawk at work doing her thang! Whoo-hoo! LOL! Okay, Okay....Parental Advisory is suggested...giggle....smack!PLEASE, NO AUTOGRAPHS! TRYING TO STAY INCOGNITO HERE! ;-0

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here are a few videos, they are kinda dark. They were taken with my camara, notice Ruby and Deano in the background just a lookin' at their Great-Granpa playing the guitar. I couldn't resist, now that I have the hang of it, putting some more interesting bits of info on here about my family.

This is it for now more later on the videos.......

Blogging/Beach Trip 2009

Well, as you can see, I was able to put new background on here. I figured I wasn't gonna let this stand in my way. So I took out my 45 and shot the damn thing! LOL! no seriously, I went to the previous backgrounds and deleted them and added this one...easy as one, two three.

Yesterday was my Ruby gal's birthday. She turned 14, uh...I mean 4! time does go by awfully fast...Kelly and Jordan's first anniversay was also yesterday and they are expecting their first child in March of 2010. Wow! can hardly wait...hope its a girl, but whether it is a boy or girl, as long as my grandchild is healthy. I cried when she told me over the phone. I remember when she was born...I can see her face when she was about a week old looking up at her mommy and smiling. She was not having gas as some people will tell you....sigh...life is good isn't it. I was hoping to be able to put some witty things on here like my daughter in law Kimm, but not this morning. And speaking of Kimm, she is such a wonderful person. Kenny got lucky when he met her. My son is also a wonderful person and a good dad. Well, geuss I'd best go and look for some pictures to put on here.

This picture of Kimm was taken at the City Park in Mount Shasta, took the kids there to play a bit.

The next two pictures were taken on our way to the Coast. This was Jedediah Smith National Park:

This first picture is one of the giant redwood trees in this park. It is really tall...

Gold Beach Beach Pictures:

Well, this is it for now. More to come at a future date.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Trip with Kenny/Kimm and kids July 2009



I wanted to have a lot of witty things to say on here, but thought I would just put a few pictures on here instead. So people will know I still exist out here in internet land. These pics are some of the ones I took when Kenny/Kimm and the kids came out to visit Granny Hawk. So enjoy!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Anybody ever try to do something on here and nothing works. Well, that is the predicament I am in. Trying to change my background but it is not working. Should have had Kelly help me when her and Jordan were out here. We had a lovely time. I did take quite a few photos(which I will put on here when I download them). I see nobody has even commented on my yearbook pics...hmmm...does that mean nobody looks at my blog...I guess because it isn't very interesting....wonder how I can make it look interesting. Have to think on that for a bit. Well, I will say toodle loo for now. :-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Yearbook Yourself

Okay, I too did the YearBook yourself, and what a trip....LOL! I actually look pretty darn good..I have other pictures to add to this blog, will have to do it next week. Kelly and Jordan were here, they left on wednesday, miss them. And the end of June Kenneth and Kimm came out with the kids..miss them...So I will be posting pictures on here soon...don't faint..lol...I also tried to change MY background, the darn thing didn't change..have to figure that out at home when I have time.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Now here is something; I was on my way home for lunch and I heard a noise in my truck....I had been hearing it before so thought I had best stop and have it checked out. I thought man that is just great! That is just my luck, now I can't go on my trip to Medford/Idaho...gotta spend money on my truck...(which I had planned on to some degree, oil change, etc...all the little things you are supposed to do before a trip)dang....prayed hard while the mechanic was looking at it that it was something simple. I thought for sure it was my u joint or my whatever joint. The mechanic called me back later that afternoon...he told me to unlock my hubs, to keep my hubs unlocked if there was no snow on the ground...Geez, do I look like a mechanic! praise the lord....:-) that is an anwer to pray..I don't have a big truck repair bill...:-) Okay, I just have to say...I am not blonde here...I know what some of you are thinking and rolling on the ground(love ya anyway)My other mechanic told me it was okay to keep 'em locked....geez...no blondie here...:-) but.....I do know now, snow/lock hubs, no snow/unlock hubs...:-)

Friday, March 27, 2009



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Easter/Top O' The Morning to You All

I am looking forward to the spring time. Love all the pictures and sayings on here. I am at work. Not much but am still looking for a house, will put some pictures of the house I plan on looking at. There is a house in Weed I wouldn't mind having, 8 acres, etc., but don't have that kind of money.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Books I have read

Okay, now on to the book portion of this read...I haven't actually put MY books on a shelf yet, but here are some books I have read lately....I love Ann McCaffrey's Dragon of Pern series. I actually got an email from her too....:-)

Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta Homes

Just thought I would share these two houses with ya'all. I will be going to look at the Dunsmuir house and Mount Shasta house on sunday. I am(even though haven't walked through it) leaning towards the dunsmuir one, cheaper and has been refurbished. Love it already.....but alas, need to actually walk through it. Captain and I went last night to look at the MTS one, it needs a lot of work done to it. I guess there really is no comparison. For those of my children who are familiar with this area, the Mount Shasta house is off of Deetz, has 2 acres, but is not as good as the dunsmuir one. The Dunsmuir house is on Shasta and Chuck tells me it is in a quiet neighborhood. And Kenny/Kim and Jordan/Kelly IT has a 3 bedroom, 2 BATH...(grin)....I will keep ya'all posted on which one if any I bid for....:0)

P.S...I am going to TRY and remember how to get rid of the Christmas wallpaper on the side.....any ideas???