Friday, April 10, 2009


Now here is something; I was on my way home for lunch and I heard a noise in my truck....I had been hearing it before so thought I had best stop and have it checked out. I thought man that is just great! That is just my luck, now I can't go on my trip to Medford/Idaho...gotta spend money on my truck...(which I had planned on to some degree, oil change, etc...all the little things you are supposed to do before a trip)dang....prayed hard while the mechanic was looking at it that it was something simple. I thought for sure it was my u joint or my whatever joint. The mechanic called me back later that afternoon...he told me to unlock my hubs, to keep my hubs unlocked if there was no snow on the ground...Geez, do I look like a mechanic! praise the lord....:-) that is an anwer to pray..I don't have a big truck repair bill...:-) Okay, I just have to say...I am not blonde here...I know what some of you are thinking and rolling on the ground(love ya anyway)My other mechanic told me it was okay to keep 'em blondie here...:-) but.....I do know now, snow/lock hubs, no snow/unlock hubs...:-)