Monday, August 10, 2009


Anybody ever try to do something on here and nothing works. Well, that is the predicament I am in. Trying to change my background but it is not working. Should have had Kelly help me when her and Jordan were out here. We had a lovely time. I did take quite a few photos(which I will put on here when I download them). I see nobody has even commented on my yearbook pics...hmmm...does that mean nobody looks at my blog...I guess because it isn't very interesting....wonder how I can make it look interesting. Have to think on that for a bit. Well, I will say toodle loo for now. :-)


  1. oh I look!! I'm a blog stalker!! I do like your yearbook pics!! isn't that just fun!!

  2. Whooohoooooo!!! somebody was yookin' at me glog....:-) I will tryyyyy to put something on here, maybe something wise, ha!